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   At HeartWise Coaching, great care is taken to provide you with the highest level of professional coaching. All information you share is confidential. 

    The listening, feedback and suggestions we offer are geared toward supporting you on the goals you identify. If, at any time, you are not getting the kind of support you want, we can shift our direction and explore a different focus. If, for any reason you feel you are not benefitting from the coaching relationship, I will gladly refer you to a colleague who may be a better fit for you. 

    Why not give coaching a try today? Call for your free consultation and see how I can help you live your best life now!

                           What is Coaching? 

  Coaching is an investment in your future, a gift you give yourself. It is one way you take care of yourself. By putting aside the voices and expectations outside of you long enough to listen to your own true voice, you discover the potential and possibilities that dwell in your heart. You find the path that leads to your best life.

  Coaching begins with YOU - what you want to achieve or transform in your life - through personal or spiritual growth, at work, at home, or in the community. 

    Coaching can bring focus, energy and affirmation to your efforts at creating a more meaningful and authentic life. You will discover and practice the skills useful for being who you want to be as leader, partner, team member - your best self.

    I collaborate with clients to initiate a shift in perspective, create and implement deep intentions, develop strategies and take measurable steps toward their goals. 

  The coaching relationship is co-creative and powerful. Over time, with trust, commitment and persistence, people live into life-changing intentions. The coaching relationshp can last months, or longer, depending on the client's personal needs and vision.

Fees are determined by length of contract, from one to six months, for three sessions per month.